Nurturing Your Child’s Absorbent Mind from Ages 0–3

Montessori recommendations for teaching children ages 0–3

Susie Antonia
4 min readNov 13, 2023


I remember when I finally became a mother. I held my precious baby close to my chest, hoping to protect her and provide only what’s best. She was so precious. So delicate. So beautiful.

Though I had my wise mother by my side to guide me, I clung to the book, What to Expect the First Year by Heidi Murkoff. Every chance I had, I read and compared my growing infant to the benchmarks of the book. I gobbled any nugget of wisdom I could.

As my infant grew into her sundry phases, I saw my daughter change. Drastically. Through each stage, she developed into quite a different person from the previous child I knew. Thank goodness, I had the Montessori philosophies to assure me my child was transforming into the child she was meant to be.

So here’s my way of reaching out to you. My way of lighting your path with a Montessori twist.

I divided the stages of development into the four phases of Maria Montessori’s theories. To shorten the read, I’ll post each stage in a new article.

The Butterfly Effect: Understanding Development

“The child is in a continual state of growth and metamorphosis, whereas the adult has reached the norm of the species.” -Maria Montessori

Youngsters don’t stay young. They morph — literally. Montessori likens this to the journey of a butterfly — from a humble egg to a voracious caterpillar, then a larva in a cocoon, and finally, a radiant butterfly. Just like our fluttery friends, kids go through drastic changes at each developmental stage.

“One psychic ceases and another is born.” -Maria Montessori

Ages 0–3: The Diaper Dynamos and the Toddling Adventurers

During this stage, your child is like a little sponge, soaking up everything around them. This is what Montessori calls the Unconscious Absorbent Mind. They’re basically learning machines, only they’re powered by curiosity instead of electricity. They can learn multiple languages just by hearing them, while adults…



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